Onsite Training

RYCO Catalogue and Assembly training is designed as the minimum certified level of training for personnel that will be required to manufacture hose assemblies on a regular basis as part of their work duties. The session is conducted by a qualified workplace trainer, and RYCO will issue certificates to the participants who can demonstrate competence at the end of the session. The course itself runs for 4 Hours and covers the topics described below.

Excluding the introduction to the company, each topic is assessed with written worksheets, and the hose assembly process is observed.
Certification is not given unless the participant is deemed competent. The training is broken down as follows:




An introduction to RYCO Hydraulics. This is to introduce who RYCO are, what the products are, and where the manufacturing plants are located.



An introduction to the Adaptor part numbering system. This is to introduce DASH SIZING, and to enable the participant to practice using the catalogue. The participants are expected to correctly identify the full RYCO part number of 5 different adaptors.



An introduction to the RYCO Hose range, discussing standards, particularly some SAE J517 100R series hose, a description of the various hose materials and covers available in the RYCO range. The participants are asked a series of questions about hoses.


Hose Couplings

A comparison of RYCO hoses and ferrules available in order for the participant to gain an understanding of the reason for having four different series of couplings. Also the participants are introduced to the crimp chart, including the process of selecting the correct mark length and crimp diameter. The participants are asked to identify dimensions by using the chart, and to identify coupling types.



An introduction to the crimping machine, how to use it, and what to check for during setting and assembly. The participant then crimps an end each.